Kristin Anderson Bottemiller
Say What? Consulting

Parent-School Communication Advocate

Communication can be most difficult at those times when it is most important. And nothing is more important than meeting the needs of a child. A third party can ease difficulty and foster clarity and understanding.

I can work with you as a parent advocate as you engage with your child’s school regarding special education needs or other issues. This can include:

 Parent Meetings: We meet together to identify the issues concerning your child, to name your key interests, and to explore possible options and outcomes. Parent meetings are a great way to prepare for IEP conferences.

 Advocacy: I attend the IEP conference, or other parent-school meeting, with you to ensure that your concerns are heard. I check that all of your concerns are heard, and, if you wish, can even voice your point of view. And, I ensure that communication is clear in both directions.

 Coaching: I can help you identify the most effective ways to be heard and fully understood, even in situations where emotions may run high.

 Documentation: I can produce meeting notes and assist in drafting memos of understanding.

As parents, we are very protective of our children. If you want someone by your side as you work with the school to meet your child’s special needs, please consider working with me.
~Kristin Anderson Bottemiller

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...the right way is to give one's attention first to the highest good of the young, just as you expect a good gardener to give his attention first to the young plants, and after that to the others.


Kristin Anderson Bottemiller has two decades of experience consulting, training, writing and coaching about communication. As a qualified mediator and skilled facilitator, she’s worked with private companies, public agencies and individual parties to create effective dialog.