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Kristin Anderson Bottemiller
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Kristin Anderson Bottemiller (nee Kristin Anderson) is a business management consultant, training design and delivery professional, and keynote speaker. Clients have ranged from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, from private sector companies to non-profit organizations. She has worked internationally with employees at all levels – from top executives and senior managers, to front-line staff and support area employees.

Kristin’s clients gain the tools and strategies they need to win with customers, employees, and stakeholders. Examples of her work include:

Leading management teams in creating, and supporting them in exceeding, service strategy goals critical for increasing market share.

Aligning performance and satisfaction measurement with organizational goals. This ranges from revising existing measures to developing new measures and revising performance review criteria.

Designing organization-wide strategies for communicating change to employees so that the right people are informed at the right times, issues and concerns are raised and addressed, and employees have trust in the change process.

Creating and launching customized, multipart training programs for national and international companies. Several included manager-lead modules and/or utilized web-enabled delivery.

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“Customer Relationship Management is about keeping the old-time spirit of customer connection whether your customers connect with you electronically or face to face, from across the globe or across town."


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