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What is mediation?

In the world of courts and litigation, mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution: a way to come to settlement without going through a trial.

However, mediation is much, much more.

Mediation is a powerful tool to help individuals and organizations evaluate and improve existing lines of communication long before differences ever reach the level of litigated disputes. As the Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution puts it,

“While one significant goal may be the resolution of conflict, the most significant result is often the education of the parties -- changed perspectives, new appreciation for differences, improved communication, the commitment to ongoing work and enhanced relationships.”

When can I seek mediation?

Mediation can be useful any time communication seems like a struggle, when you feel that your needs and concerns are not being heard, or when you believe that a better solution could be reached.

My goal in mediation is not to remove conflict, but rather to teach you how to hear each other through conflict, and how to use conflict to build creative solutions that serve everyone's needs and interests.

I bring my expertise in interpersonal and organizational communication to my mediation work. Through one-on-one coaching, you can learn how to look for the highest intention in any communication setting, how to identify common ground, and how to ask for what you want in a positive way.

How do I get started?

Begin by talking to the person with whom you have the communication struggle. This simple step -- naming communication as part of the problem without placing blame on the other person -- can be enough to create a breakthrough.

If you and the other party agree that working with a neutral mediator would be helpful, you can get started simply by giving me a call or sending me an email.

Can you mediate my civil case?

Yes. I am a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, having completed a 30-hour certified mediation skills training course through the Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution at Hamline University ( ADR I.D. #3488). I am also a member of the Conflict Management & Dispute Resolution Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Kristin Anderson Bottemiller
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Mediation Center offers sliding fee scale Family, Divorce and Civil mediation services, as well as public policy facilitation, certified mediation training, and conflict resolution training. 

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Mediation Center for Dispute Resolution,
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